A Soulful pair of shoes are not just bold and beautiful, they also have to be comfortable. Your fit is our priority.
To verify your actual footwear size, we recommend having your feet measured by our in-house team or you can try it yourself by following these simple instructions.

Parts to Measure


Check if where your measurements fit best on our standard footwear sizes.

Parts to Measure

Foot Measurement Basics

Step 1: Proper Posture

  • Find a floor area that is even and solid, ready your writing materials.

  • Place your right foot on a piece of paper big enough to fit it.

  • Kneel down with your feet planted firmly on the paper.

  • Your leg should be positioned upright, the to ensure a proper measurement

Step 2: Tracing the Outline

  • Start to draw and trace the outline of your foot onto the paper.

  • Make sure to keep your pencil on a 90 degree angle to create an exact tracing.

  • Best to do a perimeter of your foot with smooth motion.

  • Keep your feet firm on the paper during the next steps.

Step 3: Measuring the Circumferences

  • Take the measuring tape and slide it under your foot.

  • Place it across the widest part of your foot (ball girth) which is located just below the toes.

  • Wrap the measuring tape around the ball girth, make sure it isn't too loose or tight.

  • Align the tip of the tape to the line measurement and note down the number (cm + mm).

  • Repeat this process onto the other parts (instep, heel, ankle).

Step 4: Measuring the Foot Length

  • Step off of the paper, then draw 2 horizontal parallel lines to mark the highest point of your foot and the bottom-most part.

  • Draw another line vertically from the top point and the bottom point.

  • Measure the vertical line using your tape and note down the number (cm + mm).

  • Repeat whole the process onto your other foot.


Let's get you a new soulful pair! Send us your measurements along with a picture of your traced outline so we can ensure that your shoes are a great fit.