Lalapatos is a pair of carefully hand-woven shoes made by artisans who have brought to life the creative vision of Maco Custodio in collaboration with Zapateria. Each pair has traveled across the cities of Manila, Rizal, and Marikina; and entails days of craftsmanship.

Its upcycled nature adds a hint of randomness, creating a unique pair for each owner.

Each artisanal pair draws strength and beauty from each place of its creation. Its journey began in Manila with a community in Baseco where the pre-consumed foils are carefully cut and folded into strips. These were then shipped to the small town of Pililla, Rizal where the organic weaving of sabutan had been the livelihood of many back in the day. The shoes were finally assembled in Marikina, a charming city acclaimed and celebrated for producing shoes that gained global recognition for several generations. Now, they continue their journey to wherever your feet may take them.

Maco Custodio    Zapateria