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The Artisanry represents the artisan artistry that has been passed down from generation to generation. Behind each member is a level of mastery and expertise of the craft. They serve as the backbone of Zapateria’s mentorship programs and ensures that each output is of the highest standard.

The artisans serve as mentors for the Collaboratory. This system of knowledge transfer completes a cycle of shared learning between the two parties, blending seamlessly the traditional making with innovation. Future programs such as the Vanguardian will highlight the Artisanry as they spearhead the training of new designer-makers who will play the role of apprentice during the mentorship.

The Artisanry features the expertise of veteran craftsmen such as: Ester Sta. Ana, Arnanie Pogoy, Iping Bosito, Abet Lorenzo, Rissa Soriano, Ed San Andres, Rene Santos. Temia Marcelo, Bernie Dancel and Cezar Paz headed by Zapateria founder Rico Sta. Ana.