The Philippines' First Creative Hub for Footwear Design and Development

Who We Are

Soulfulness of Heritage and Craft

Zapateria serves as a center for creativity and ingenuity expressed through the practice of great craftsmanship, and is open to serve aspiring designers, makers, footwear entrepreneurs, and hobbyists who are interested in learning the craft of shoemaking.

We work with seasoned artisans, creatives and innovators, driven by the goal of showcasing Filipino craft and building the talents within and beyond the world of footwear. We are based in Marikina, and our engagements span across the Philippines and reach makers around the world.


Our creation process is based on the heritage of craftsmanship integrated with contemporary creative design expressed through quality footwear.

Design and Product Development

We offer a variety of conceptualization and creation services to aspiring designers and entrepreneurs bring to their ideas to life.

Artists' Studio

Our co-creation space is open for makers who wishes to experiment and develop their passion projects.

Custom Made-to-Fit Footwear

With our team of experienced artisans, we create various types of footwear that you can choose from or you can design your own with us.

Experiential Learning Workshops

Become an independent maker through our craft and creation sessions facilitated by our In-house team and partner designer-makers.